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About Us

Who are we?

GDC is a highly reputable, London based event design company, comprising of a close-knit team of experts. Creatively transforming environments– from subtle nuances and elegant enhancements to fully immersive and interactive settings- helping to make your event unforgettable. Driven by passion, GDC deliver with innovation.

What we do…

GDC ensure a unique event. Tailoring your vision from concept to completion and setting the tone. Whether the brief is simply to brighten and lift a space, or to showcase a brand, empowering guests to engage with and retain key corporate messages, GDC’s bespoke and inspiring designs yield the desired result. From intimate private functions to large-scale corporate events, GDC doesn’t just meet requirements, they exceed them.

How we do it…

GDC believes that an open dialogue and personable relationship between designer and client is imperative. From the initial designs to the onsite build, the client’s wants and needs are always catered for. Using WGSN’s forecasting service GDC stays a step ahead of the game. Seeking inspiration from every field within the creative industries: from sculptors to illustrators, artists to fashion designers… GDC’s ideas are avant-garde, abundant and original.

Transforming Environments through Creative Design