Christmas Case Study

We love the diversity of events and enjoy dreaming up truly bespoke creations. Christmas is a great time to take a twist on the traditional. Some of you love to throw out the rule book completely, with themes such as Luau, Disco and Enchanted Forest. Many of you still prize a Winter Wonderland. But there can also be subtle tweaks to universal themes for those big corporate parties, sure to cater to a large and diverse audience.

We took a much-loved Nutcracker theme and added a little Tim Walker inspired flare. Bespoke illustrations in response to the clients’ vision set the tone for the evening, with oversized, 3D elements tumbling into the space to give it a modern, stylised edge.

One of our talented artists hand drew vintage book pages via a digital sketch pad, creating a textural and authentic quality which we could print 3m tall, retaining all the quill like detail.  

From pad to print; realizing the clients’ vision.

More bespoke artwork; hand sketched sheet music simulating wallpaper, applied as a canvas wrap to a stud wall, creating a backdrop to a custom built, decorative gold appliquéd bar. 

Oversized doll heads hand painted in the workshop, layered with detail and in colours complimentary to the overall design scheme.

Mixed size drums from 30cm – 100cm, built and painted by the GDC team, layered with gold braided detail.

An elegant, minimalist bar backdrop; panels of gold mirror with decorative wrought iron arms supporting crystal chandeliers, beautifully catching under production lights.

A few weeks prior to the event we took ourselves to the flower market to scope out suitable seasonal florals.

We are always mindful of the conditions that the flowers will be subjected to and never use a flower type that’s not tough enough to flourish from early installation through to event end.

Authentic, vintage theatre seats forming a mini cinema area, complete with rolling content of The Nutcracker. The LED screen was incased in pleats of gold douppion silk.

10m worth of cladding to the existing venue bar; timber panels layered with liquid gold beading.

Pleats of heavy red velvet fabric were suspended behind the bar, forming a backdrop onto which a carousel of silhouette imagery played throughout the evening.    

Sophie Adams Ballet provided the entertainment and captured this lovely shot against our oversized scroll installation. 

Our graphic artist created this impressive 4m long book page, all hand drawn with subtle vintage touches. We had the page printed on a specially sourced paper which could hold shape and form, allowing it to be manipulated to cascade down a stud wall.       

We loved this take on a classic theme which provided the perfect balance of traditional Christmas elements with a contemporary, stylised tone.

We are ready for Christmas 2020 – send through your requests!