Container Stages & Mobile Structures

We have been busy dreaming up temporary mobile stage solutions to serve the outdoor market. From multipurpose theatre spaces for public spaces, double deck bars and DJ booths to our latest offering – the mobile container stage!

This self-contained, transportable dressed stage serves as a low crew, socially distanced and economical live show solution for the music industry.

A modified 40ft shipping container on trailer that can easily be hooked up to a cab and toured around the UK. Driving straight into location the all-in-one container can be left on its wheels, with a fully opening long side creating the perfect instant stage.

All set design elements within the container to be fixed in position, ensuring safe transportation and minimal set up with only skeleton crew. Working in conjunction with the relevant production company, GDC will fit the necessary fixings and bracketry for all AV requirements. All design elements are fully customisable and can be bespoke to each artist. Alternatively, a more universal design can be created to serve multiple artists and tours; providing a more cost-effective solution.

Smaller 20ft versions can also be created for single artists and smaller acts. 


See below two of our other custom made shipping container conversions available for hire and stay tuned for our Christmas offering! 


Beach Bar with roof DJ area 

A 10ft x 8ft x 8ft shipping container conversion to serve as a kitsch and highly decorative beach bar. Both the internal and external to feature bright summer colours, with decorative 3D surf boards and textural bar clad in bamboo.

An external steel staircase leading to the roof DJ area, styled as a lifeguard hut complete with full size faux palm trees. The roof is reinforced to support the weight of the DJ with handrail surround for added security.

Multipurpose Stage

Custom made shipping container to serve as a stage structure with internal backstage area. The container will feature colours of choice with the option for bespoke illustrations. 

Children and families can sit on an artificial grass floor to the front of the stage, with socially distanced markings such as circles or flowers transferred onto the grass.

Stage area measures approx. 4.5m wide x 2.4m deep. Grass floor, seating area to measure 4m wide x desired length.

The roof of the structure could feature a border of flowering potted plants, all selected for their bee pollinating powers, helping to preserve our ever-diminishing bee population. 

Get in touch to discuss your stage requirements at or 02089479915.